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Even if DJI Phantom and Parrot Bebop don’t play in the same league, Parrot Minidrones, such as the Mambo really kick-ass. They are tiny, light weight, robust, offer a good flight time and fly very very precisely indoors and outdoors.

Other than any mini Drones around, the Mambo has optical flow and barometer, which makes it very very easy to fly.

If one is more experienced, it may get boring after a while to fly the Mambo.

But now Parrot offers two new flight modes:

The new flight modes, drift and racing convert the “toy” into a real drone. When airborne, the default mode is “Normal”. Pressing the L2 Button on the controller, switches to the pre-selected flight mode (i.e. “Racing”).

The flight modes:

– “Normal: horizontal and vertical stabilization by using the optical flow sensor and barometer.

–  Drift:  Disables the optical flow sensor, which means the pilot must keep the horizontal position himself.

– Racing: Disables the optical flow sensor AND the Barometer. Consequently, the pilot must keep the horizontal position and vertical position (altitude) himself.

But even in Racing Mode, the Parrot Mambo is much easier to fly than a Hubsan X4